Ping-pong show in Phuket

The ping pong show in Phuket is the event which can change your vision of the world and life. It is not recommended for impressive people or those who have problems with nervous system. Although it is the most innocent show out of all that the pleasure industry of Thailand can offer to a tourist.

It is a little weird that in the society that is monarchical in its essence and has many internal prohibitions people are very loyal to entertainments of ambiguous persuasion and sexual emancipation. Because of this the Kingdom of Smiles, as Thailand is often called is known as the capital of sex tourism and it has a huge number of transvestites. Different varieties of colorful shows during which “artists” can have explicit act directly on the scene are held in Thailand. Therefore, if you appeared at the ping-pong show in Thailand try not to blush as in this land of sin this is one of the most innocent pleasures belonging to the category for those who love hor. Ping-pong is very popular sport in Southeast Asia but Thailand ping-pong show does not have much in common with the game except for the celluloid ball. During performance the artists make the most incredible things with ping-pong balls including shooting spectators. But the girls do not have racquets in their hands and they use part of their body, the creation of nature, as well as a symbol of being from where all nations come as a catapult. Read also: Want to buy few kilos of… Thailand – where to start search and how expensive is that?

Ping-pong show in Phuket

Experts say that the best ping-pong show in Phuket is worth searching for on Bangla Road. Already a couple of steps down this street and you will understand that people of low moral principles are already in the place. Everywhere you can observe unrestrained fun, seductive suggestions and the realization of the most daring erotic fantasies. You will realize the fact that you are attracted to the ping-pong show not only by the banners in the hands and commercial on the body of advertising animators, but also according to the characteristic sounds for this sport when the ball hits on the racket which is masterfully imitated by these barkers. To become a spectator at this lasciviousness you have to pay a couple of hundred baht. You are welcome to bargain with a barker as bargaining is one of the elements of the presentation. Different barkers will seduce you by the most beautiful Thai girls even several at once so you can compare the proposals and get a decent discount. After you agreed the price you will be taken to the place resembling a Go-Go bar where besides the pussy show all visitors are provided with other intimate services but for a fee. The price of the ticket includes only one glass of beer or a cocktail.

What’s going on at the Phuket pussy show? Before the show starts you will get one drink included in the ticket price. While the audience is not warmed up well the girls will try to surprise spectators. Girls will smoke a cigarette, shoot ping-pong balls, take out a string with strung orchids or even live fish and all with the help of birth-reproduction organ. If you still are not surprised then the fish will be replaced by needles and shaving blades. Then they draw a picture or “drink” a glass of wine and immediately “pour” it. The main feature of the ping-pong show in Phuket is the fact that in the course of the traffic “there” and “back” the liquids change color. The only instrument of the artist is their childbearing organ which they manage with the dexterity of a magician. After the audience is imbued with the atmosphere of permissiveness the most interesting interactive action will start. Some spectator could be offered to eat an exotic fruit which a tempting Thai will put between her boobs shaking them while spectator is trying to eat. Ping Pong show in Phuket lasts for a short time about half an hour. Additional warming up of the public is carried out by selling slaughter portions of alcohol at a reduced price. Glasses with alcohol are carried by completely naked Thai girls who eagerly flirt with visitors of the show. Read also: Is it worth to marry Thai woman

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