Want to buy few kilos of… Thailand – where to start search and how expensive is that?

Priestesses of love in Phuket is part of the tourist program for arrivals to the island, which is not advertised officially, but brings a lot of revenue from the entire entertainment industry. In general, Phuket is the third most important abode of the vice of that shadowy Thailand, which is considered to be the center of exotic tourism in Southeast Asia. It is inferior in scale to Pattaya and Bangkok, where the possibility of any “madness” is determined only by the cost. What is good about Phuket that it provides an opportunity to have some rest having luxuriated on a snow-white beach and having bathed in quite clean coastal waters of the Andaman Sea. Many men who escaped from the tight hands of their girlfriends and found themselves on the island are interested in the question: “How to find a girl for night in Phuket?”, but the question should rather be “where to find girls in Phuket?” The greatest concentration of “night butterflies” is observed on the beach of Patong. A little to the south like only five kilometers away to Karon and Kata there are much less of them and there are almost no of them on the beach of Chalong and in the island’s capital city Phuket Town. But on the Patong girls are not marching in columns as well. If you are hunting for thrill then find an appartment near Bangla Road – it’s almost the same as Walking Street in Pattaya. In any bar on this street there are available girls working on the exit or directly under the table (Go-Go), as well as on poles or participating in extreme “ping-pong shows” in Phuket.

If under the influence of alcohol you deviate from the trampled tourist paths you will find out that “spicy tourism” in Phuket is just a branch of the tourism industry. Local girls with favors will accept your courtships and gifts and sometimes will even allow you to attach to the waist. Otherwise, they are strictly guided by the rule “only after the wedding.” Of course, it is clear that the period of wooing and pleasing is not at all what you would like to spend a week of priceless vacation for. Another kind of wasting time is find the girls in the disco and buy them drinks as this is the way how local girls are scamming rich foreigners for money – you won’t get anything except for your wallet empty. Read also: Is it worth to marry Thai woman?

Want to buy few kilos of... Thailand - where to start search and how expensive is that?

If you do not want be in the spotlight in search of girls for pleasure on Bangla Road, then pay attention to the bars where they serve alcohol. Many waitresses successfully combine professional duties with piquant services. Girls who “come to visit” also appear in such places very often. As an option you can hang out at the disco where there are many foreign tourists. Normally, a girl that agrees to everything will ask you to buy a drink in five minutes after which you can hint at the continuation of the banquet in your room in Phuket. If everything is alright then the lady will name her price and you can bargain. But it’s safer to go to the Go-Go bar or to the massage parlor.

Not everyone is experiencing such a great absence of sexual pleasure that is ready to fall into the arms of the first caught Thai girl, so the interest in where you can find VIP ladies in Phuket is invariably high. The professionals usually are occupied by body massage salons. The most famous of them are situated on the Rat-U-Thit street. Please note that massage in Phuket are different. Those on which it is written “Traditional” offer traditional massage. Sex is treated to clients in body salons and European massage which are usually indicated by the sign something like “massage with the continuation”. The body massage differs from the European one in that it is made with boobs and other parts of the body.

The price of piquant services in Phuket is two times higher than in Pattaya. Options for 500 baht in the low season and 300 are swept away immediately. At least a thousand is taken for an hour of ‘work” and if to choose “the long rate” for the whole night it would cost at least two thousand baht. Only those girls who are well over thirty and far from model appearance would agree to stay with you for low price. The personal charisma of the client affects the price as well. Some guys managed to pick up Thai girl for free, although, this is available either for professional pick-uppers or some very lucky guys.

The general rule if you pick up a girl in a club means you are staying with her for the whole night and it would cost at least 2 thousand baht. The price for services in Phuket is determined by the same criteria as everywhere – age, appearance, duration of the session and the place. Read also: How Thais and Thai treat foreigners

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